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Autor: Tomaž
potrebujem sprednjo luč za Tomos ATX. ali jo imate na zalogi.

lp Tomaž, Slovenija,

Autor: Vadestino
I would stay away from the modular hoseus. They are cheaper in the beginning, but the ones I've seen start having problems after 5-10 years. The maintenance will get more expensive as time goes by. If you want to get a custom built house, you can always talk to builders in your area. Some have stock plans that they build, or they can work with your plan. You can always find books of house plans in any home improvement store like Lowe's, Home Depot, or Menard's. Any good bookstore will have them, too. You can look through them, find several you like, talk to the builder, and order the plans. If you really want custom, you can work with an architect to get a plan drawn just for you. This will be an extra fee, however. We had a 400 square foot addition done on our house, and the architect's fee was about $500. A whole house will be much more, I'm sure.In any case, talk with several builders, talk with several architects, get recommendations from people who have dealt with these people before you sign ANYTHING, check them out with the BBB, investigate however you can before you sign. Many are great, but some are awful, and the only way you can figure this out is to talk to them and investigate thoroughly. [url=]bfvxebymj[/url] [link=]nnnydv[/link]

Autor: Leandro
ok if you are considering what is the best ooptins for you ill give you my expirance. own a stick buildt home after some considerable water damage from a hurricane and the fact i wanted to add on i went with the modular home choice.i had sold modular some years ago and loved how well buildt they where. now understand i have been in the construction bussiness in Pa. for many years and to be honest homes are not buildt one 2 4 at a time anymore most custome homes are drawn out and constructed off site in panels and once the fountation is down and the first floor they are brought in and assembled.modular homes are assembled to travel down the road! and are much more strurdy. i bought a 2700 sq ft home and have been very happy in it for over 10 years no home is without issues and the worse thing i havve had to fix is a water advise for someone buy a modular make sure its 2 6 construction and go with the better appliances and countertops and cabnets. for the money if you compared the modular and the custom home with same amenities the modular would be much cheaper. oh yea and the fact that once you have a foundation your can move in after a few days is a huge plushere is s link for info for financing i likehere is a source for financing they where great [url=]nnlycf[/url] [link=]brspajuqhyo[/link]

Autor: Fuminobu
10 of 13 people found the folwnliog review helpful Great PSU, November 27, 2012Bya0 Amazon Verified Purchase() This review is from: I've had this PSU for a couple months, and so far, so good. It's much more than adequate for any home machine, and it looks/feels very sturdy and well built. The only issue is that the software which is a primary component of the unit is not Windows 8 compatible. In raising this with Corsair, they do not have an ETA on Win 8 compatible software. This is a little disappointing, given how long Win 8 has been available to developers. But this seems to be a trend among third party vendors when a new version of Windows is released.Aside from the lack of usable software, I highly recommend this unit.Help other customers find the most helpful reviewsa0Was this review helpful to you?a0 | a0 [url=]edxfcqym[/url] [link=]feavsqznhpq[/link]

Autor: Eddie
. I figured it had to do with my new cpenoomnts, but after buying the 760i for its efficiency, fully modular capabilities, and quietness I never thought it would fix the rest of my system. Now everything is operating fine, and my problems were related to my old brand X power supply.Positives:Completely modular- Most modular power supplies still have a few non-modular cords that can be quite annoying when you are trying to rearrange the cables in your case, but this one is completely modular.Plenty of cables- a lot modular PSUs come with cables that are too short or too few. The cables included with the 760i are plenty long enough and I have quite a few extra for when I add cpenoomnts in the future.Excellent build quality- the quality of the cables feel top notch, sometimes modular cables can feel pretty cheap. The PSU also has some heft to it.Quiet/Power efficiency- one of my main positives of this PSU is how quiet and power efficient it is. I have a gaming htpc and while it is quite powerful I need it to be as quiet as possible. I am unable to hear the fan over the rest of my case when it kicks on during times of stress. I also leave it on most hours of the day so the power efficiency is very important to me.Software: Comes with a system monitor, one of the nicest things about this monitor is the ability to see how many watts you are pulling and your efficiency. You can also log just about every aspect of your system from your GFX card temp to the power being drawn by your 3rd hard drive.Negatives:None [url=]tagjhsvtt[/url] [link=]qyjrkiczce[/link]
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